Lahore To Karachi Train Timings & Ticket Prices

Pakistani trainEach year more than 50 million passengers travel through Pakistan Railways. One of the most travelled route is from Lahore to Karachi. But do you know the name, timing and ticket prices for the trains which provide service between the two cities?

If you are planning to travel between Karachi and Lahore then you can chose between 10 different train services. They differ in their departure timing, their duration to reach the destination, their comfortability and facilities.

TrainDeparture from LahoreArrival in KarachiEconomy- BerthEconomy SeatAC BerthAC Seat
Allama Iqbal Express12:00 PM8:10 AM1,400 1,300
Awam Express7:00 PM6:15 PM1,4001,3003,0003,000
Green Line8:30 PM1:00 PM1,9501,850
Karachi Express5:10 PM11:05 AM1,750 1,650
Karakoram Express4:00 PM9:45 AM1,9501,850
Khyber Mail7:50 AM5:15 AM1,4001,3003,0003,000
Shah Hussain Express (Night Coach Express)7:00 PM1:20 PM1,800 1,700
3,320 3,320
Pak Business Express3:30 PM9:00 AM1,7501,650
Shalimar Express6:00 AM12:45 AM1,8001,7003,320 3,320
Tezgam1:55 PM9:55 AM1,4501,3503,1303,130
Jinnah Express2:30 PM7:00 AM6,2006,200

Some of these trains also provide Business class and sleeper services for which the rates are higher. Among these trains some are managed by Pakistan Railways while others are managed by private companies.

Green Line:


The most famous train service among them is Green Line which was introduced as a luxurious and state-of-the-art service by Pak Railways.

It provides facilities such as:

  • Wi-Fi
  • clean drinking water
  • clean pillows & blankets
  • newspaper
  • LCD
  • complimentary morning kit (tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, razor & soap)

On many railway stations there are separate lounges for Green Line such as in Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore. Previously breakfast, lunch and dinner was also provided at free of cost but after reduction in cost they are now available at purchase. Usually the quality of food is satisfactory.

Shah Hussain Express:

Pakistan train

Shah Hussain Express which was previously known as Night Coach Express is among the most luxurious train services in Pakistan.

The A/C Sleeper class allows you to enjoy a full cabin with your family members without any outsider. These cabins are equipped with all necessary facilities such as LED TV, Drinking Water and washroom.

Online Booking:

If you wish to get seats as per your demand then make sure to book your seat at least before 15 days. Booking is possible through ticket counter of the railway station, online through website of pakrail or using the mobile application of Pak Railways.

Online facility allows you booking of tickets from the comfort of your home. Usually the ticket rates are same whether you purchase from railway station or online but if you are booking for tickets after 10-15 days you will get a small discount.

Pakistan Railways Mobile App:

To facilitate the customer Pakistan Railways also launched a mobile application which you can download from Google App store. This also allows you to confirm your seat through the online e-ticketing facility, this modern way for reservation of seats facilitates passengers.

Lahore To Karachi Distance:

The distance between Lahore and Karachi is 1,286 kilometers which for which the duration is:

Green Line takes the least time because it has the minimum number of stops and stays only for a short period at different stations.

If you have any complain regarding the service of the train or any other query you can contact Pak Railways through their dedicated helpline. The helpline number for passengers is 117, you can access it 24/7 from any part of the country.

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