Top Three World’s Top Sustainable Cities

In the climate talks of United Nations that was held in Warsaw, the most leading cities of the world in building a tolerable city environment had been documented.

These cities were awarded the world green building council’s government leadership prize that was held in the partnership of UN-HABITAT and ICLEI in a biennial competition. Such highlighted practices and policies can maximize the opportunity that the buildings may suffer less environmental impact. Their aim for current year was to get the second award of global excellence in local green building policy.

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates): while there were no sustainable developments made in UAE ever before, this time it had implemented an effective and efficient program that was much obligatory to improve the development sector of UAE and meet the sustainability requirements. The city Abu Dhabi had been successful to implement such requirements and was granted with a “regional leadership award” for the rating system of Estidama Pearl.

Vancouver (Canada): This city for its future plan of Greenest City 2020 is in general considered as a winner in a group of “best Green Building Policy”. This award distinguishes leadership of the city on green buildings and the targets that it had determined that it would built such buildings that would be carbon neutral, they would use 20 percent less energy and green gas emission as compared to the recent buildings.


Seoul (Korea): this city on its plan of building of one less Nuclear power plant  which is a three year plan in which their goal is that the city would consume less energy. On this plan Seoul had been gifted with a “climate action leadership award”.

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