Pakistan Railways Unveiled a New Train Timetable

The rhythmic clacking of wheels and the anticipation of arriving at your destination make riding trains a timeless adventure. Pakistan Railways has unveiled a new train timetable, improving your rail travel experience.

The new timetable promises to bring a breath of fresh air to Pakistan’s railway system. It aims to enhance punctuality, reliability, and overall efficiency. These improvements are a step towards revitalizing rail travel and making it an even more attractive choice for passengers.

What’s in the New Schedule?

One of the primary goals of the new timetable is to improve connectivity. This means that you’ll have more options to choose from when planning your trips. Whether traveling for business, leisure or any other reason, the enhanced connectivity will allow you to find a schedule that best suits your needs.

The Allama Iqbal Express and Quetta Express have introduced new stops, enhancing accessibility. The Allama Iqbal Express now includes stops at Lodhran Railway Station, while the Quetta Express has extended its route to Toba Tek Singh Railway Station. In addition, several train schedules have been adjusted to accommodate passengers during the winter season.

Extended Stops for Improved Accessibility:

· Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10): Now includes a stop at Lodhran Railway Station.

· Quetta Express: Adds Toba Tek Singh Railway Station to its route.

Prolonged Stoppage Periods for Select Trains:

· Green Line (5 Up/6 Dn): Extended stoppage at Rohri Railway Station.

· Rohri Express (33 Up/34 Dn): Prolonged stoppage.

· Musa Pak Express (115 Up/116 Dn): Extended stoppage at Khanewal Railway Station.

· Thal Express (129 Up/130 Dn): Increased stoppage duration at Kundian Railway Station.

Winter Schedule Revisions for Passenger Convenience:

Pakistan Railways has adjusted the departure schedules for several trains to accommodate passengers during the winter season better, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable travel experience. The following trains have had their schedules updated:

  • Tezgam (7 Up)
  • Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn)
  • Karachi Express (15 Up/16 Dn)
  • Multan Express (17 Up)
  • Rahman Baba Express (47 Up)
  • Rawal Express (121 Up)
  • Thal Express (129 Up)
  • Kohat Express (133 Up)
  • Chenab Express (135 Up)
  • Mehran Express (150 Dn)
  • Narowal Passenger (211 Up/212 Dn)
  • Shaheen Passenger (225 Up/226 Dn)
  • Rawalpindi Passenger (268 Dn)
  • Mianwali Express (148 Dn)

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