Discover the Fascinating Interior Experience of Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rustem-Pasha-Mosque-IstanbulThe fascinating Rustem Pasha Mosque is located in Istanbul district of Turkey. The designing of the mosque was done by Mimar Sinan who was the imperial architect. The mosque was built around 1561 and completed around 1563. The historical and magnificent design of the mosque attracts tourists from all around the globe. Its architectural value is one of the gems in architectural history of Istanbul. The visit to Turkey will be incomplete without visiting this fabulous mosque.

The Rustem Pasha Mosque is located on the high terrace above big shops whose rents support the mosque place financially. It can be assed from narrow staircase that leads to large courtyard. The great mosque also has two porches including five domed bays. This Mosque is famous for its Iznik tiles that are largely used in its interior. The tiles contains floral and geometric designs.

The building is mainly in the rectangular shape. There is a large dome that lies on four other doms. The Color scheme of Iznik tiles are blues, greens and tomato red that reminds of the color traditions of that era. In Turkey the lavish use of theses tiles can only be seen in Rustem Pasha Mosque.

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