3 Pocket Thieves Caught In Madina

pocket thiefMedina:  Three pocket thieves have been arrested by the Saudi Police from the vicinity of Masjid-e-Nabvi. According to a local Saudi newspaper, the Saudi police arrested 2 men and a woman on suspect of stealing from people’s pockets. The Saudi police have taken these thieves under custody.

According to reports, the Medina police have only revealed the nationality of these thieves. According to the Media Police, these thieves are Arabs. The names of these thieves have not been revealed. The Saudi law enforcing agencies are adept in terms of maintaining law and order. The Saudi government has strict punishment for the criminals, for instance those caught in stealing will have their hands cut off.

The decision is still pending and there have been no further details about the incident. The strict laws have kept the people in line with the rules and regulations.

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