No Evidence Of Pakistan’s Involvement In Mumbai Attack After 6 Years

mumbai attackNew Delhi: Six years have passed since the incident of Mumbai attacks and the Indian agencies still have no evidence of Pakistani involvement in the attacks. The Indian media was fast enough to throw accusations at Pakistan about the Mumbai attacks, but six years have passed and Indian agencies have been unable to find any such evidence to support their false claims about Pakistan’s involvement.

The Indians had shouted about the involvement of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, but there is only one paragraph on Lashkar-e-Tayyaba in the 11000 page charge sheet of the Mumbai incident, while there is not a single word against ISI. The true face of the Indian investigation has been unearthed. The 11000 page charge sheet was presented in front of the investigating committee formed for this case. This committee also included former Japanese public prosecutor, who was furious after examining the charge sheet.

The bold claims made about the Pakistani involvement were not even supported by a shred of evidence. Indians were not confident enough to include ISI’s name in the charge sheet, let alone a few lines as they had no evidence against ISI either. There were serious mistakes indentified in the report as well which is a clear evidence of India’s prejudice against Pakistan.

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