Dubai Police To Fine Drivers Applying Make-up

GIRLDUBAI: The Colonel Saif Al Mazroui has in recent times subjected a circular to the traffic departments across the nation to fine female drivers who were checked during applying make-up, smartening or combing their hair, during driving, publicized acting director of Dubai Traffic.
The Ministry of Interior issued a circular to traffic department crossways the UAE as regards a 1,000 Dharam fine to be charged on women putting on make-up during driving. Such act is categorized under the type of unsafe driving. According to the federal traffic law 1,000 Dharam fines with confiscation the vehicle for a month and listing 12 black points. Applying makeup or combing hair is more risky than using mobile phone by hand during driving.
Col Mazrouei said that he advised women to be thoughtful and focal point only on driving while on the road to safeguard their safety and others, even if someone thinks that the car’s windows are dimmed and no one can observe them, it is still incorrect and it may claim innocent lives.

Even though some people think that using the mobile by hand is not only permitted during driving, it is also not approved during waiting at the signal. He more said that those who are noticed using a mobile or a camera to capture a picture “selfie” during driving would be fined too.

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