7 Minutes Early Morning Tips Will Change Your Life

To make a day wonderful and fresh is valuable but it is also in your hands. Now you can start your day with good mindset. It will take only seven minutes routine that will change your attitude, success and health. Using this seven minute routine you will see the difference in your work productivity. Some of the related stories we sharedd before on similar subjects are: Fast Runners are healthier and live more, Tips to stop agingTips for Making Your Life Cherished & Happy

Before you start the routine you have to find a quiet and peaceful place, not in the desk also not in the car because there are too many distractions there a balcony or a hallway will be a great choice but to make this thing work you have to arrive early to make it work. Journal and pen is also required. A Watch will help you to make sure you end the routine within seven minute.

Minute one: Clear your mind: It is not about meditation but everyone should clear their mind before starting a busy day. This will relax your mind and refresh your thoughts. Get rid of your phone that you constantly use to check in, clear your mind means be in present live you’re present and feel your present.

Minute two: Breath: Breathing is the most important part of our life but deep breathing creates calming effect of your brain and helps you focus.

Minute three through six: Write and draw: It is not about journalism it is about save your thoughts on hard copy and to visualize your imagination at that moment. Just write something about your current thoughts and draw a picture or an idea but don’t get too focused on writing you have to focus on your thoughts.


Minute seven: Examine
Now go through your writing and think about what and why you wrote this. Make a brief plan within 30 seconds. Now you can start a day with good spirit.

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