Tips To Stop You From Aging

agingThere are people who appear older than their age. You must start to wonder if the same thing will happen to you. What if you also start to age more than your years? According to scientific research, this problem is common these days owing to our lifestyles and certain diet habits that tend to put on more years on you face that your age. Taking care of yourself and changing your lifestyle will protect you from aging rapidly. Here are some tips to help you modify your lifestyles.

  1. People are prone to multi tasking in our present hectic lifestyles as we are trying to accomplish number of objectives simultaneously. Scientists say that trying to do a number of tasks at a time will expose your body to additional strain and will speed up the aging process of your body. You must first finish one task and then proceed to other.
  2. Avoid sweet stuff as it will make you look older. The excess sugar from sweets will attach themselves to our body cells and will take the redness from our cheeks and make our skin look old and dull. In addition dark circles will also appear under our eyes.
  3. Take at least 7 hours of sleep to keep your mind focused and your brain fresh.
  4. Avoid watching excessive TV. According to research people keep sitting for hours to watch TV, which will cause the body to store excess sugar in the cells leading to obesity and aging problems.
  5. Don’t sit all day doing nothing. Those who spend their entire time sitting will be more vulnerable to life threatening diseases such as cancer. Keep daily exercise as part of your routine.
  6. Excessive use of make-up will also make you look older as the oils in the various creams and other beauty products will block the skin pores and will cause skin diseases. In addition, the cosmetics rob the skin of moisture and will lead to wrinkles in the skin.
  7. People who have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs or on their sides with their faces pressed on the pillows should immediately stop doing that, as this will make your face weak from the inside and will make your face look older than your age.
  8. Doesn’t use straw to drink as contracting your lips to suck from the straw will also cause the wrinkles around your eyes and lips.
  9. Use nuts and fish in your diet, as the omega 3 fatty acids are needed to make your skin soft and wrinkle free.
  10. Sit straight in front of your computers or laptops. Don’t bend your backs while sitting as it will affect your posture and will give you a hunched look.

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