Overeating Can Also Cause Liver Damage With Obesity, New Research

OvereatingMadrid: If you think that the overeating can only cause obesity, then you are wrong because it can also cause liver damage as well. According to a research conducted by Institute for Research Medicine in Spain, excess food in your stomach does not only cause obesity but it can also impact negatively on your liver. When the glucose included in our feed are not used by our body, they are mixed with the blood and started saving in our liver in the form of glycogen.

When these glycogens over exceeding their limit due to consistently overeating, they are unable to work properly due to which, the risk of affecting performance of the liver also increased. Researchers say that it is better to avoid overeating in order to keep your liver active because those who eat limited food required to their body, their liver can work much better than those who eat excess food.

Researchers also suggest people to make their diet plan in order to avoid overeating which cannot only keep them safe from the obesity but also better for their liver.

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