A Tip To Save Your Eyes From Getting Tired

sore eyesNew York: Often we hear about our friends and relatives complaining about their eyes hurting after a prolonged use of the computers. The use of computers is increasing as more and more businesses are relying on the electronic data system. Students are also using computers for their projects and assignments. So it becomes hard to avoid not looking at the computer. But worry not; a recent American research has unfolded a simple trick to prevent your eyes from aching after using the computer.

According to the study, after looking at the screen for 20 minutes, the user can take their eyes off for 20 seconds and during that time focus on an object that is placed at a 20 feet distance. This will prevent the eyes from getting tired as they do after focusing at the screen for too long.

Eyes need to change their focus. When computer users are looking at the screen for a longer time period, they will get a pain their necks and heads. This further leads to other illness in the human body as well. The computer users can rest their eyes after every 20 minutes by focusing on something else for 20 seconds and then continue their work on the computer after wards.

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