Now Smartphones Can Be Used For The Treatment

SmartphonesIn this modern age of science and technology where you can connect with the whole world from your smartphones, it has now becomes easy to use the technology for the treatment. The Australian medical doctor Ash Collins has launched a new app based telehealth service that will give complete portable medical service for the patients. The cloud based service named as MyOnlineClinic, is specially designed to let users book an appointment and to do video conference with the doctor.

Doctors can also examine the pathology and radiology results of the patients and will be able to ultimately provide prescriptions to them.This healthcare app is designed for iOS and Android phones to develop Australian existing healthcare infrastructure with the latest technology, in order to provide quick treatment to the patients.

On the other hand, Apple has also developed a health kit app and additionally, Google has also started work on some apps that can help in the telemedicine to diagnose and the treatment of diseases. Similarly, these types of apps can be also helpful for online surveys and to study the patients.

Researcher from all around the world are also working on cheap technology under which smartphones could be able to perform TB, anemia, pneumonia and HIV tests.

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