Top 5 Beauty Parlors for Make-up In Karachi

brideBeauty Parlors are always remain important part in any wedding especially for bride to be who want to look the most beautiful. There are several prominent beauty parlors in Karachi who are providing satisfied and best services to their clients and making their big day more special through their magic. Today we will discuss about top 5 beauty parlors of Karachi who are known for their best bridal makeups.

Bina Khan:

Bina Khan is known as most talented makeup artist of Pakistan who has become first choice of brides in Ksarachi. Bina Khan’s Salon has made their big name by providing praiseworthy bridal makeover along with excellent bridal services. However they are charging Rs. 35,000 for bridal makeup.

Location: Bukhari commercial Lane No. 1, Defence, Karachi.

Natasha Salon:

Natasha Salon has gained high fame in a very short period of time as they have bring revolutionary change in the art of makeup. Natasha and Sabrina Khalid are the owners of Natasha Salon who are granddaughter of late Madam Noor Jahan. Many of the Pakistani celebrities have also dolled up from Natasha Salon on their big days as they are known as best in bridal makeup and services. The bridal makeover charges are Rs. 45,000.

Location: 7E, 8th Zamzama Lane, Opposite Pizza Hut, Karachi

Sabs The Salon:

Sabs The Salon is known as the experts in bridal makeup who has been satisfying their customers since many years with the help of their top notch services. The Salon is run by Saba Ansari who is known as veteran and talented makeup artist as lots of brides want their bridal makeup done with the magical hands of Saba Ansari. Sabs Salon emerges as first choice for traditional makeup styling.

Location: 4 -C Farooq Heights, 36th Commercial Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5 DHA. BRANCH: 1-D, Street 20, Off Tipu Sultan Road, Muhammad Ali Housing Society.

Kashee’s Beauty Parlor:

Kashee’s Beauty Parlor is receiving high appreciation for their amazing makeovers day by day as their ideas in bridal fashion are getting all the eye balls. Kashees are successfully boosting in bridal makeups and hairstyling as their brides are used to look most stylish and beautiful in all ways. The parlor is run by talented makeup artist Kashif Aslam who is reaching towards new heights in his profession due to his innovative transformations. They have opened their two branches in Karachi.

Location: Main Branch: Plot # 178/A Block-2, Najeeb Corner, Tariq Road, Karachi.

New Branch: Plot#13/C Stadium lane 2, Phase-V DHA, Karachi.

Nadia Hussain Salon And Clinic:

Nadia Hussain Salon is the new addition in the list of top class salons of Karachi which is recently launched by famous super model Nadia Hussain. Nadia Hussain has embossed her name for bridal professionals during a short span of time as every bride of Nadia Hussain’s salon appears as most beautiful bride. Nadia Hussain has come up with new magical makeup tactics which are gaining great appreciation in the makeup world. The charges for bridal makeup of the salon are Rs.30,000.

Location: F 50/3, E street, block 4, Clifton, Karachi

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