How To Maintain A Healthy Diet In Ramazan

iftarIt is important to take a balance diet during the month of Ramazan as a small imbalance in the diet will lead to various problems. There are few tips that you can incorporate in your routine to keep yourself healthy through the holy month of Ramazan.

Keep your body hydrated: dehydration is the number one cause of stomach diseases and people may specially suffer from dehydration during Ramazan. It is important that you drink at least 8 glasses of water from iftari to sehri. Also take juices and yoghurt in your meals to keep the body hydrated.

Balance diet: After a long day of fasting, people usually lunge towards the delicious iftari items and fill their stomachs until they are unable to eat any more. Well you should use more salads, dates and soups in your iftari to replenish your body and then have a complete meal after offering your prayers. Don’t eat heavy food in iftari and don’t skip iftari either. Iftari will replenish 55% of your body’s nutrients and will stabilize the level of sugar in your mind and your body. Avoid eating bakery items like pastries in iftari. Your food palate for iftari should contain 1/4rth carbohydrates, 14th protein and vegetables. Also have dry fruits at iftar.

Sehri: it is important to have sehri too as it will maintain your sugar level for the rest of your day. Have a glass of milk, one roti, fruits and water in your sehri. A good sehri will keep you away from headaches, lethargy and hunger.

If you are suffering from constipation during fasting then drink lots of water during sehri and iftar and also have fibre containing food. If you are suffering from acidity then don’t eat oily food or fried items. Don’t eat fried items and coffee in sehri or iftar to avoid gases in your stomach. Chew your food properly to avoid indigestion.

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