HSBC Closes All Muslim Holder’s Accounts

hsbcLondon: HSBC had issued a notice to all its Syrian account holders settled in Britain who were basically students and people seeking asylum in Britain. The HSBC bank has also earlier closed accounts of major Muslim organizations, personalities and the mosque of Mulberry park London’s account as well.

A Syrian account holder, Mohammad Asrab, informed that he had his account in HSBC since 2006 and now he was also asked to close his account. He had complaint toe bank authorities about his account being closed and argued that he had made no illegal transactions and that being a Syrian citizen was not a crime, but the bank authorities stated that they had acted after a complete investigation of his account details.

Syrians are already suffering from the turmoil in their country. HSBC has further heightened their anguish. A 26 year old Syrian student Majid stated that he is facing problems in arranging his tuition fee and other expenses, which he earlier did through the HSBC bank. Many other Syrians have also been issued notices.

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