World Best & Worst Countries According to UNO

New York: United Nations Organization has revels the list of world’s best and worst countries. In which Norway continue his streak by selected as the world’s best livable country since 12 years. It’s been a long time Norway maintains their position. Pakistan has lost his position in UN human development index of 2015.

Previously, In 2014 Pakistan was at 147 positions but now Pakistan is one rank down (148). According to United Nation more than 30 million people are facing poverty which mean about 46% of the Pakistan population are dealing with poverty.

The human development index is made up of different elements of the country like the there life expectancy, education, and income position. The list describes the situation that whether the country is developed, developing and under developed. The list rank position between 188 countries.

List of top 10 livable countries

1) Norway
Norway has the highest gross national income per capita of $64,992.

2) Australia
the country has the higher rate of education, with the average citizen get at least 13 years of schooling.

3) Switzerland
Switzerland has an average of 83.0 years of life expectancy which is higher then other countries.

4) Denmark
the country is on 4th position with 80.2 years of life expectancy.

5) Netherland
Netherland secure 5th position with 0.922 score in index.

6) Germany
gross national income per capita of Germany is $43,919 and life expectancy is 0.916.

6) Ireland
Ireland is also at 6th position in UN index because its life expectancy is 80.9 and gross national income per capita is 43,919.

8) United state
UN is at 8th position with life expectancy of birth average is 79.1 years.

9) Canada
life expectancy of birth average of Canada in 82 years but gross national income per capita is $42,155.

9) New Zealand
also in 9th position with life expectancy of birth average of 81.8 year and gross national income per capita is $32,689.

Worst countries of the United Nation Human Development index are
188) Niger

187) Central African Republic

186) Eritrea

185) Chad

184) Burundi

Countries are divided into four different Human development groups known as Very High Human Development, High Human Development, Medium Human Development and Low Human Development.

World’s most populated countries, china and India are it 90 and 130. Other than that United Kingdom is at 14th position, Bangladesh at 142, Sri-Lanka at 73 and Nepal is at 145 positions.

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