Fast Runners are More Healthier and Live More

fast runnersAs we know that exercise and make your body in running is very helpful for a healthier mind and body as it is very necessary to make your active and strong by doing some kinds of exercise on regular basis. Similarly researchers have found in their study that fast runners live healthier and prolong life.

According to the details, researchers examined 55,000 adults in which one fourth of the adults were used to run daily as they emerged not to die with any disease. The study also found that runners are likely to live three years more as compare to non-runners. However, study of the researchers in this regard continued till 15 years in which researchers further found that risk of death also reduced in runners as they are less likely to die with any heart diseases.

D.C.Lee who is one of the researcher of this study told that risk of death due to heart attacks, strokes and cancers reduced by 30% while 40% risk of death by cardiovascular diseases is reduced in daily runners as compare to non-runners. However it is good to do almost 150 minutes exercise and 75 minutes running every week in order to maintain good health.

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