Condemned Pakistani To Be Deported

imran firasatBarcelona: The Supreme Court of Spain has issued orders of deporting Imran Farasat from Spain for his act of blasphemy against Islam. The orders to deport Imran Farasat were also issued earlier by the Local court, but Imran Farasat had submitted an appeal in the Supreme Court against this decision. Imran Farasat had appealed to the court that deporting him from Spain would be against the principles of liberty of speech.

The Supreme Court of Spain issued a statement in response to his appeal, which said that freedom of expression didn’t give the right to insult and ridicule the religious beliefs of any other person. The court stated that the actions of Imran Farasat had hurt the integrity of Spain. Imran Farasat had asked for political asylum in Spain on the basis of his life being in danger in Indonesia and Pakistan, as he left Islam and had married a non Muslim woman.

Imran Farasat was granted asylum in Spain, after which he started a campaign against Islam. In 2012, he made a film to insult Islam and then announced to burn the Holy Quran. The local police warned him against such actions, but he didn’t heed to such warnings at which the court ultimately decided to deport him. The Supreme Court is adhering to its decision of deporting the condemned Imran Farasat.

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