Man Jailed In Dubai After Claiming To Kissed A Girl In Fatherly Way

Dubai CourtsMan is jailed after claiming that he kissed a 13 year old girl in a lift in fatherly way. 31 year old Pakistani man whose name has not been shown, totally denied a charge of sexually assault and said he had instead kissed a girl in a fatherly way. However, the prosecutors in this case said that the man had held the face of British between his hands and kissed her lips and cheeks in the lift, on 27th October last year.

13 year old victimized girl said in her statement that she lived in Al Barsha and was on the ground floor of that building. She was using the lift to return to her flat at sixth floor when accused man got in the lift. The girl tried to get out of the lift on third floor but the man would not let her to leave. Girl finally managed to flee through stairs and directly go to her mother, who was at the gym in that building.

“She was hysterical and shaking from fear and kept repeating that someone had kissed her,” statement given by the mother of victimized girl.

After hearing both the parties, Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the Pakistani man to three months in jail, and deportation after that.

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