Bolan Mail Train Schedule & Daily timings

Image result for Bolan Mail Train Schedule & Daily timingsPakistan is a country which is full of recreational sites and tourist heavens. But this beauty will remain un-searched provided there are no better transport services. Thanks to Pakistan railways that it has provided cheap but quality trains for leisure travelling, similar thanks if you ought to visit your relatives and other purposes.

Bolan Mail is an old train running for a long period with continuity; it carries the passengers from Karachi to Quetta and vice versa. The stops are named as Karachi 3 up and Quetta 4 down. Detailed timings and stations are provided here with respect to the latest available schedule.

Timings from Karachi to Quetta:

From Karachi to Kotri Jn:

The Bolan Mail starts its journey from Karachi City at 18:00. Thereby, it reaches Karachi Cant at 18:10 where it waits for 10 minutes and departs at 18:20. The next stop it reaches is Landhi Jn at 18:44, then Jhandshahhi at 19:27, then Buradabad at 19:43, then Kotri Jn at 20:30. Here the train waits for 15 minutes for a minor gap that people may relax and buy necessary things. Kotri is a usually stop station for number of trains.

From Kotri to Dadu:

The train continues from Kori and reaches Sind University at 20:58, Sehwan Sharif at 23:19, Bhan Sayadabad at 00:10 where it waits for 10 minutes and departs again at 00:20. The next stop train reaches after Bhan Sayadabad is Dadu at 00:45. At this point train again stops for 10 minutes so that people may roam around and relax for a while.

From Dadu to Larkana and Forward:

After Dadu train reaches the station of Radhan at 1:54, Larkana Jn at 3:20 where it stays for 10 minutes and departs at 3:30.

Train continues its Journey and touches the stations of Shikarpur at 5:14,Jacobabad Jn at 6:15, Dera Allahyar at 6:40, Dera Murad Jamali at 7:03, Bukhtiarabad Domki at 7:55, Sibi Jn at 9:15, where it stays for a long half hour and then leaves at 9:45, then Ab-I-Gum at 12:00, then Mach at 12:40, then Kolpur at 13:50 and finally the destination of Quetta at 14:45.

Timings from Quetta to Larkana:

The train starts journey from Quetta at 10:30 and reaches Karachi City at 06:50. Station in between are in reverse order of the above.

Note: Fares and prices of ticket are revised regularly so not mentioned. Please consult the responsible department.

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