Khyber Mail Train Timing, Ticket Price & Details

khyber Mail Express

Khyber Mail Express is a one of the oldest trains in Pakistan rail history. The train carries the passengers daily between Peshawar and Karachi at affordable ticket prices and timing.

The train is providing its services since 1947, covering the distance of 1,721 daily between these two cities and provincial capitals.

Ticket Prices:

Khyber Mail Express offers three types of tickets through which you can travel between Karachi and Peshwar or the cities which are on the route.

Sleeper is the most premium class of Khyber Mail, the other class are AC Business and Economy. The fares for these are as follows:

  • AC Sleeper = Rs. 7,900
  • AC Business (Standard) = Rs. 5,500
  • Economy = Berth Rs. 1,800, Seat Rs. 1,700

You can also book your tickets through the official website of Pakistan Railways or through the mobile app of Pak Railways which is available at Google Play Store.

Timing & Schedule:

Pakistani train

Khyber Mail is one of those trains which have dozens of stops throughout the route. After departure from Karachi the trains stops at 43 stations, including Peshawar which is the final destination.

At most the stops the stay is for just few minutes, while in other stations the stay is up to 30 minutes. Check this schedule of Khyber Mail Express from Karachi to Peshawar:

StationArrival TimingDeparture Timing
Karachi-10:15 PM
Drigh Road10:27 PM10:29 PM
Landhi10:45 PM 10:47 PM
Hyderabad00:30 AM 00:40 AM
Nawabshah02:02 AM 02:04 AM
Khairpur03:54 AM 03:56 AM
Rohri04:35 AM 05:00 AM
Pano Akil05:28 AM 05:33 AM
Ghotki05:54 AM 05:56 AM
Mirpur Mathelo06:20 AM 06:22 AM
Daharki06:38 AM 06:40 AM
Sadiqabad07:20 AM 07:22 AM
Rahim Yar Khan07:51 AM 07:53 AM
Khanpur08:45 AM 08:50 AM
Liaquatpur09:21 AM 09:23 AM
Dera Nawaz Sahib09:59 AM 10:00 AM
Samasata Junction10:54 AM 10:56 AM
Bahawalpur11:10 AM 11:15 AM
Lodhran11:41 AM 11:43 AM
Shujabad12:17 PM 12:19 PM
Multan Cantt12:57 PM1:05 PM
Khanewal1:45 PM2:10 PM
Mian Channun2:42 PM2:44 PM
Chichawatni3:15 PM 3:17 PM
Sahiwal4:00 PM 4:05 PM
Okara4:31 PM 4:33 PM
Renala Khurd4:51 PM 4:53 PM
Pattoki5:15 PM 5:17 PM
Kot Radha Kishen5:40 PM 5:42 PM
Raiwind Junction6:00 PM 6:05 PM
Kot Lakhpat6:42 PM 6:44 PM
Lahore Cantt7:07 PM 7:09 PM
Lahore Junction7:25 PM 7:55 PM
Gujranwala9:10 PM 9:15 PM
Wazirabad9:40 PM 9:43 PM
Gujrat10:04 PM 10:06 PM
Lala Musa Junction10:32 PM 10:35 PM
Jhelum11:07 PM11:09 PM
Rawalpindi01:20 AM 01:50 AM
Attock City Junction03:13 AM 03:17 AM
Jahangira Road03:54 AM 03:56 AM
Nowshera04:13 AM 04:17 AM
Peshawar City05:10 AM05:14 AM
Peshawar Cantt05:30 AM -

The departure and arrival timings for different junctions from Peshawar to Karachi are as follows:

StationArrival TimingDeparture Timing
Peshawar Cantt-22:00 PM
Peshawar City22:10 PM 22:12 PM
Nowshera22:42 PM 22:47 PM
Jahangira Road23:04 PM 23:06 PM
Attock City Junction23:43 PM 23:47 PM
Rawalpindi01:30 AM 01:55 AM
Jhelum04:01 AM 04:03 AM
Lala Musa Junction04:40 AM 04:45 AM
Gujrat05:02 AM 05:04 AM
Wazirabad05:20 AM 05:23 AM
Gujranwala06:05 AM 06:10 AM
Lahore Junction07:20 AM 07:50 AM
Lahore Cantt08:03 AM 08:05 AM
Kot Lakhpat08:18 AM 08:20 AM
Raiwind Junction08:45 AM 08:50 AM
Kot Radha Kishen09:08 AM 09:10 AM
Pattoki09:35 AM 09:40 AM
Renala Khurd10:02 AM 10:04 AM
Okara10:30 AM 10:32 AM
Sahiwal11:20 AM 11:25 AM
Chichawatni11:56 AM 11:58 AM
Mian Channun12:23 PM 12:25 PM
Khanewal13:10 PM 13:35 PM
Multan Cantt14:17 PM 14:25 PM
Shujabad14:58 PM 15:00 PM
Lodhran15:36 PM15:38 PM
Bahawalpur16:00 PM 16:05 PM
Samasata Junction13:23 PM 16:25 PM
Dera Nawaz Sahib16:54 PM 16:56 PM
Liaquatpur17:41 PM 17:43 PM
Khanpur18:30 PM 18:35 PM
Rahim Yar Khan19:07 PM 19:09 PM
Sadiqabad19:28 PM 19:30 PM
Daharki20:08 PM 19:30 PM
Mirpur Mathelo20:26 PM 20:28 PM
Ghotki20:52 PM 20:54 PM
Pano Akil21:25 PM 21:30 PM
Rohri22:20 PM 22:45 PM
Nawabshah00:52 AM 00:54 AM
Hyderabad02:35 AM 02:45 AM
Landhi04:35 AM 04:37 AM
Drigh Road04:55 AM 04:57 AM
Karachi05:15 AM -

This whole journey takes 32 hours which is one of the longest duration taken by any Pakistani train.


khyber mail inside view

If you are travelling with economy class tickets then you can’t expect much facilities as the cabins are old and not well maintained. In previous years government invested amount to upgrade the AC Sleeper service and the reviews have been good after these attempts.

The train also includes a dining table for the sleeper classes where passengers can enjoy healthy food. LCD, Mineral water and newspaper are all provided to passengers making it a comfortable journey.

For booking, complaints and other details contact Pakistan Railways at their helpline 117.

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