Faisal Movers Islamabad To Naran, Hunza & Gilgit Fare & Ticket Price

Faisal Movers is one of the leading transportation services in Pakistan which provides passenger services to all major destinations in Pakistan including Naran, Hunza & Gilgit at affordable ticket price and fare.

These cities are major tourist destinations in Pakistan and lacked any luxurious passenger service. To promote tourism in these areas Faisal Movers decided to launch its service in all these cities.

Ticket Fares:

Faisal Movers offers executive class service on this route which is the most premium service by Faisal Movers. The charges and ticket prices from Islamabad to different cities are as follows:

  • Islamabad to Naran = Rs. 1790
  • Islamabad to Babusar = Rs. 2590
  • Islamabad to Gilgit = Rs. 3000
  • Islamabad to Hunza = Rs. 3500

Faisal Movers Lahore also launched bus service to these popular tourist locations recently at affordable rates.

Timing & Schedule:

The bus for all these cities will leave Islamabad/Rawalpindi Terminal on different time, the departure timing for different cities is as follows:

  • Departure for Hunza at 10 PM
  • Departure for Naran at 10 PM & 7 AM

It is expected that the distance from Islamabad to Hunza will be covered in 16-18 hours while It reach Babusar top in 6-8 hours depending on the weather and traffic situation.

During tourism season there can be traffic problems while in other period the rough weather can cause land sliding and flooding.


What makes Faisal Movers different from other bus services is the facilities which FM provides. Their fleet consists of well maintained luxurious buses with highly trained staff.

They have their own terminals which are well equipped, during the journey passenger are entertained with soft drinks, snacks and biscuits along with dinner, lunch or breakfast.

The buses are equipped with free WIFI and each seat comes with an attached LCD on which passenger can enjoy movies, songs or lectures. This and many other services makes Faisal Movers the first choice for many passengers.

Currently online booking is not available so for booking and other details visit terminal or contact at:
UAN: 111-22-44-88
Phone Number: 0311-1224488
Facebook: facebook.com/FaisalMovers/

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