Green Line Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

green line train

Green Line Express is one of the most premium train service between Karachi and Lahore & the only train service from Karachi to Islamabad. Its schedule and timing from Karachi is such that it departs and reaches the destination late in night.

Green Line is considered to be the fastest and most comfortable train. Previously it also proved deluxe facilities like quality and hygienic dinner & breakfast which were included in the ticket fares.

Time Schedule:

The train departs from Karachi at 10 PM daily and reaches Margala Station at 8 PM, covering the distance of 1,521 kilometers in 22 hours. It stops at just 7 stations which makes the travel smooth and fast than many other train services. From Margala Station the train departs at 3 PM and reaches in Karachi at 1 AM.

The stations where it stops briefly includes:

  1. Hyderabad Junction
  2. Rohri Junction
  3. Bahawalpur
  4. Khanewal Junction
  5. Lahore Junction
  6. Chak Lala
  7. Rawalpindi
  8. Margala (Islamabad)

The arrival and departure of Green Line Express from different stations & cities is as follows:

Karachi Cantt-10 PM
Hyderabad Junction12:15 AM12:20 PM
Rohri Junction4 AM4:20 AM
Bahawalpur8:43 AM8:45 AM
Khanewal Junction10:10 AM10:30 AM
Lahore Junction2:14 PM2:45 PM
Chak Lala7:10 PM7:12 PM
Rawalpindi 7:20 PM7:30 PM
Margala (Islamabad)8 PM-

People travelling from Karachi to Lahore also prefer to travel from Green Line due to its better service, affordable rates and comfortability.

Facilities in Green Line:

Many facilities are provided on Green Line which includes:

  • Free WiFi
  • Tea
  • Bottled water
  • Newspapers
  • Standard bedding
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • 3 quality meals

Green Line’s train’s management has claimed that the train will reach its destination in 22 hours. The train has targeted both the public sector and business sector providing facility and standard.

According to the Green Line’s management the train will benefit people of the two cities and will provide luxurious facilities at affordable rates. According to the people who have traveled through Green Line said that the train took less than 23 hours to reach its destination and provided business class facilities at low fares.

Ticket Prices:

The ticket prices for Green Line Express from Rawalpindi To Karachi are as follows:

AC Business = Rs. 4,950
Economy = Berth at Rs. 1,750, Seat at Rs. 1,650

Other premium train services in Pakistan from Rawalpindi to Karachi includes Tezgam Express. Another premium train is Karakoram Express but it runs between Lahore & Karachi.

Online Bookings:

Pakistan Railways also offers booking and reservation of Greenline through official website of Pak Railways. Eticketing facility allows passengers to book and pay the charges from the comfortability of their home.

Smartphone users can download the android app to book their tickets, the mobile app is available for download from Google Play Store.

For more information, details, enquiry and complaint contact Pakistan Railways at their helpline number 117.

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