Karachi To Islamabad & Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price & Timing

Ravi Express TrainEach month thousands of people travel between Karachi to Islamabad & Rawalpindi for which multiple train services are available with different ticket price, timing and schedule.

Currently six passenger services are available from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Karachi and vice versa. Some of these trains are luxurious while other offer different classes including Economy class for people who want to travel with cheap ticket prices.

1) Green Line:

If you want to travel between Karachi and Islamabad with the shortest time period and one of the finest services by Pakistan Railways then Green Line is the best option. It is the only train that travels to Margalla Station, Islamabad from Karachi.

It covers the distance between the two cities in just 21 hours and 20 minutes making it the fastest train service on the route. Green Line offers AC Business and Economy class for which the ticket charges and fare are Rs. 5900 and Rs. 2300. These rates were increased by the government in 2019.

The departure timing of Green Line from Karachi is 10 PM and arrival timing for Rawalpindi and Islamabad are 9:20 PM & respectively. The departure timing from Islamabad & Rawalpindi are 3 PM and 3:40 PM respectively and it reaches Karachi at 1 PM.

2) Rehman Baba Express:

Rehman Baba Express is among the latest train service on the route with the shortest time period after Green Line as it covers the distance in just 22 hours and 30 minutes through 28 stops and stations.

It was launched for the lower class passengers who want to travel between the cities at low rates. The economy class train tickets are of Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,400 for berth and seat.

It departs from Karachi at 10 AM and reaches Rawalpindi at 8:30 AM , while it departs from Islamabad and Rawalpindi at 1:35 pm and reaches Karachi at 6:15 PM.

3) Pakistan Express:

Pakistan Express is another affordable train service from Rawalpindi to Karachi which covers the distance between these cities in 26 hours.

Just like Rehman Baba it also offers only economy class for which ticket fares are also same at Rs.1,500 and Rs. 1,400 for berth & seat.

From Karachi Pakistan Express departs at 1 PM and reaches Rawalpindi at 3:15 PM, while from Rawalpindi it departs at 6 AM and reaches the destination at 7:30 AM.

4) Awam Express:

Awam Express covers the distance between Karachi and Rawalpindi in 29 hours 50 minutes. The departure time for Awam Express from Karachi is 7 AM and reaches its destination of Rawalpindi at 12:50 PM next day.

While the departure timing from Rawalpindi is 12: 30 PM in the morning and it reaches Karachi at 6:15 PM. The ticket charges for the passenger train are Rs. 3800 for Business/AC Class while for economy class the ticket price is Rs. 1,550 and Rs. 1,450 for berth and seat.

5) Tezgam Express:

Tezgam Express is another passenger train which travels between Karachi and Rawalpindi each day. The train provides a wide range of classes to choose from for which ticket prices vary:

  • AC Business = Rs. 5050
  • AC Lower/Standard = Rs. 4,050
  • AC Sleeper = Rs. 6,800
  • Economy = Rs. 1,650 for berth & Rs. 1,550 for seat

It departs from Karachi at 5:30 PM and reaches Rawalpindi at 7 PM the next day, while from Rawalpindi it departs at 8 AM and reaches destination at 9:55 AM.

6) Khyber Mail:

Khyber Mail travels from Karachi to Peshawar which is also used by passengers going to Rawalpindi. The departure timing from Karachi is 10:15 PM & reaches Rawalpindi at 1:40 AM the next day. While from Rawalpindi the departure timing is 1:55 AM and it reaches the destination at 5:15 AM.

The ticket prices for Khyber Mail are as follows:

  • A/C Business = Rs. 4,750
  • AC Lower Standard = Rs. 3,800
  • AC Sleeper = Rs. 6,650
  • Economy = Rs. 1550 for seat & Rs. 1400 for berth

The features of these trains vary from train to train, some provide luxurious services with dining service while other covers only basic facilities.

Pakistan Railways also allows online booking and eticketing through their official website and mobile app which you download from Google Play Store. For more details and information contact Pak Railways at their helpline 117.

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