Islamabad to Lahore Bus Ticket Price, Time & Schedule

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Islamabad to Lahore is one of the most popular routes for bus services. Each month thousands of passengers travel from the federal capital of Islamabad to the provincial capital of Lahore, at affordable ticket prices and on different time.

There are multiple bus services which provide services on this route, here we will discuss the most luxurious, popular and economical bus services which passengers prefer while travel from Lahore to Islamabad.

Faisal Movers:

FM transport

It is one of the most famous bus service due to its wide network and luxurious services on different routes across Pakistan. Faisal Movers Islamabad to Lahore bus service is opted by thousands of passengers due to many reasons including its affordable ticket fares which are:

Business Class = Rs. 1,650
Standard Class = Rs. 1,200

The multiple options of Executive, Business and standard class means that passenger can choose the service depending on the financial burden he wants to bear.

There are multiple terminals located in Islamabad & Rawalpindi for which contact details are as follows:

Islamabad Terminal: Jhangi Syedan, Near Motorway Chowk, GT Road, Islamabad
Faizabad Terminal: IJP Road, Faizabad Interchange, Sector I-8، I 8/4 I-8, Islamabad
Rawalpindi Terminal: Peshawar Rd, Islamabad View Colony, Rawalpindi
Phone Number: 0311-2212222, 051-111-22-44-88

Daewoo Express:


Daewoo Express is known as the most luxurious and comfortable bus service in Pakistan with modern terminals, loungers and fleet. The ticket prices are as follows:

Gold Class: Rs. 1,730
Super Luxury: Rs. 1300

The complete schedule & timings for different routes including from Islamabad to Lahore are also available on the official website of Daewoo Express.

You can book the tickets through the official website of Daewoo or by contacting at:
Address: Street No. 2, Jhangi Syedian, Rawalpindi
Phone Number: 0331 1007008


Skyways bus

If you are someone who travels on ad hoc bases then Skyways is the service where you will find buses ready no matter whether it’s early in the morning or late in the night. Skyways Rawalpindi & Islamabad ticket price for Lahore are as follows:

Business Class: Rs. 1,150
Standard Class: Rs. 800

The contact details for Skyways Bus Service are as follows:

Address: I.J.P. Road, Faizabad Chowrangi, Rawalpindi
Contact Number: 0300-0500344, 051-4912305

Bilal Travels:

Bilal Travels is another competitor of Faisal Movers which is also known for its state of the art bus service. Bilal Travels Rawalpindi terminal provides luxurious bus service to passengers who want to travel from Isl to Lhr.

The ticket fares of Bilal Travels are as follows:

Economy = Rs. 1020
Business = Rs. 1200
Executive = Rs. 1500

For booking and other details contact Bilal Travels at:
Address: National Highway 5, Rawalpindi
Contact: 042-111287444

Sania Express:

Sania Express Bus

In comparison with other services Sania Express is a recent bus service which only provides a single standard service on the route for which the ticket fare are Rs. 1,000. The contact details are as follows:

Islamabad: Motorway Chowk No. 26, Peshawar Road
Rawalpindi: Faizabad Chowk, Peer Wadhai Moor
Contact Number: 0315-8222024 (Islamabad), 0315-8222657 (Rawalpindi)

Niazi Express:


Niazi Express also provides transportation service from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa at affordable and economical ticket charges of Rs. 900. For more details contact at:

Address: Mangla Rd, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
Phone Number: 111-22-99-99

There are many other services but these are the most famous, luxurious and affordable bus services.

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