Galata Tower in Istanbul Attractive Tourist Destination

Galata TowerIf you are thinking of a place from where you can view the whole Istanbul then you are reading the right article right now. The Galata tower is the place you should go to. The cone capped tower stands 219 feet in height. The Tower is also known as ‘Christea Turris’. The actual tower was built in 1348 and was the tallest structure in Istanbul at that time.

The main tower consists of nine stories the upper most stories are being used by a restaurant and café from where the guests can enjoy the marvelous views. The Balcony is also present at the tower providing a clearer view. The tower now also has two elevators for providing ease to the visitors while going to the upper stories. The original structure although went a lot of changes, restorations and renovations. The tower was also very effectively used during the Ottoman era.

The tower was under the use of the different governments and rules for their official purposes which included keeping an eye over the town, but this was until 1965-67 when the tower underwent few changes which included the concrete interior. Later on the tower was commercialized and also was opened for public as restaurants were established along with the café.

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