Faisal Movers Accident, Reasons & Precautions From Such Accidents

Faisal Movers

Faisal Movers bus was on his way from Lahore to Rawalpindi when it met an accident, injuring and killing many passengers. But do you know what the reasons were and what precautions can reduce such incidents?

If you have seen the video of the unfortunate incident then you may have noticed that it was raining, no passenger was wearing seat belts and the act of overtake caused the vehicle to go out of control. From this we can know what precautions could have saved the precious lives of passengers.

1) During rain the roads, highways and motorways became slippery this is why The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) puts the speed limit at half if rain occurs during the travelling, so if the speed limit is 120mph then you should drive at 60mph.

2) Another precaution during rain is avoiding unnecessary overtake because it can result in vehicle going out of control. Due to the rain the roads become slippery increasing the risk of accidents.

3) Seat belts are necessary not only for drivers but also for passengers. In most transportation services only the driver uses this safety pre caution while it is necessary for all passengers. If any accident occurs the passengers will remain seated due to it otherwise they will be thrown towards the wind screen causing more deaths and injuries.

4) In many transportation services the drivers had to drive continuous for hours without any rest which means they are not fully active while driving, it I necessary for the safety of passengers that they get proper rest and if the journey is too long then the driver should be changed.

In USA the government instructs that a driver should not drive for more than 10 hours after which he should get a 8 hour off.

By following these simple precautions and regulation passenger transportation services such as Faisal Movers, Bilal Travels and Kohistan Express can save the lives of passengers.

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