Kohistan Express Faisalabad Ticket Fare & Contact Number

Kohistan Express started the transportation services in 1980’s from Faisalabad as one of the few bus services providing intercity transportation. Now Kohistan Express is one of the leading services in Pakistan with affordable ticket prices and premium services.          

They have a wide network which covers all major cities including Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore and many other cities in Pakistan with its headquarters established in Faisalabad.

Ticket Price & Fares:

The ticket charges and fares of Kohistan Express from Faisalabad Terminal to different cities are as follows:

Faisalabad Gujranwala Rs. 570
Faisalabad Rawalpindi Rs. 1000
Faisalabad Bahawalpur Rs. 970
Faisalabad Sadaqabad Rs. 1,450
Faisalabad Peshawar Rs. 1,150
Faisalabad Mansehra Rs. 1,350
Faisalabad Sialkot Rs. 720
Faisalabad Multan Rs. 750
Faisalabad Fort Abbas730
Faisalabad Dera Ghazi Khan Rs. 950
Faisalabad LahoreRs. 950
Faisalabad SargodhaRs. 370
Faisalabad Mianchannu Rs. 470
Faisalabad KarachiRs.2,700

On many routes Kohistan Express provides two types of services which are Daewoo and Business Class, the above ticket prices and fares are for Kohistan Express Daewoo Class.


Passengers can book their tickets online through the official website of Kohistan Express anytime from the comfort of their home. To book your tickets online follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on Online Booking
  • Choose departure & arrival destinations
  • Choose the date for journey
  • Select the suitable bus
  • Choose seats
  • Provide your details
  • Proceed for payment
  • Confirmation of etickets

The other option is to confirm your eticketing through mobile app.

My Kohistan App:

Kohistan Express also launched ‘My Kohistan’ app which you can download from Google Play Store. Through this mobile app you can book your eticket, track the speed and direct of the vehicle and much more.

It facilitates passengers in the booking process, who can now book their ticket without visiting the terminal and waiting in long queues.


For each city Kohistan Express offers multiple timings from early in the morning till the night which gives passengers the ease to choose the timing which suits their nature of journey, unlike train where you only have few options. You can check the complete schedule and timings on the official website.


Kohistan Express established terminals in all major cities of Pakistan, you can contact these terminals at the following numbers:

Faisalabad: 0311-1776444
Rawalpindi: 0346-2874444
Multan: 0313-5082810
Peshawar: 091-226-277-5
Mansehra: 0997-301-699
Bahawalpur: 062-2888-358
Sadqabad: 068-111-597-597
Bahawalpur: 015-8222649

Despite maintaining a large fleet of 80 Daewoo & executive buses Kohistan Express provides all basic features to passengers which includes:

  • Audio/video entertainment
  • Free Wifi
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Trained Crew
  • 30 kg free luggage

For more details contact at:
Address: Opposite to Muncipal Garden, Railway Station Road, Faisalabad, Punjab
Phone Number: 041-111-776-444
Mobile Number: 0311-1776444
Email: info@kohistanexpress.com
Website: www.kohistanexpress.com

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