Mixture of Honey and Walnuts Yield Health Benefits

Honey and walnuts are not only two natural pure ingredients also natures gift to us. Mixture of walnuts and honey is an ancient ingredient used by Romans as a refreshment sweet meal but it has hidden healthy benefits. Mixture of honey a sweet food made by using bee nectar from flower and walnut is a common nut.

Walnut is extremely nutritious and contains different minerals, vitamins and nutrients and is beneficial for reducing skin side effects, lower cloistral, prevent cancer, reduce depression,  treat insomnia and also beneficial for weight loss, on other hand honey contain different type of sugar, acid protein and minerals. Honey is a natural energy drink which also boosts memory and good for cough. Physically, it is good for dandruff and works well in rehabilitate burned part of body.


Both are extremely healthy and contain different healthy benefits but as combine they enhance there effects and bring different beneficial effects.

The mixture of Honey and walnut work amazingly good to lower high blood pressure by eating 100 grams of walnut and Honey everyday for a period of 45 days, also effective in regenerate white and red blood cells in body but for that mix 500 grams of each Honey and walnut and mix it with lemon juice extracted from one lemon and eat 3 tablespoon a day. It is a good Aphrodisiac.

For Ulcer patients it will work as healing medicine for better result combine the mixture of honey and crushed walnuts in hot water and drink 1 tablespoon half an hour before every meal.  Help in preventing inflammation, increases vitality and fulfill need for vitamins.


  1. Be careful if you are allergic to nuts and honey.
  2. High amount of mixture can cause diarrhea.
  3. Don’t use Black walnuts they are dangerous to apply on skin.
  4. Black walnut can cause lip cancer.

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