Expats Involved In Grave Crimes Would Be Deported From Kuwait

Criminals In KuwaitThe authorities of Kuwait have warned the expatriates living in the country and are involved in grave crimes. The interior ministry of Kuwait is planning to deport all those expats who found involve in grave crimes like involvement in fights or stabbing cases, assaulting the police, cases of attempting murder and possession of drugs, lack of compliance with the law and major traffic violations. The daily newspaper of Kuwait reported that this step will be a part of strong measures adopted by the ministry to restrict crime and to enforce the respect of police in the country.

The sources also said that the security agencies of Kuwait do not wait for the verdicts of the respected courts in these cases and even not consider the settlements out of courts. The ministry of interior have started planning the serious actions after the statistics revealed that most of the law violation cases were committed by the expats in the country.

“The agencies will go ahead with the deportations to ensure they are the best deterrents against anyone who may commit offenses or violations,” said by the sources of local newspaper.

It is to be noted that the total population of Kuwait consists of two third majority of foreigners from different countries of the world.

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