First Wife Took Revenge From Husband Over 2nd Marriage in Saudi Arabia

Saudi-WomanIn Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia a woman took strong revenge from his Husband over the matter of his second marriage. The first wife not only took a lot of money from his husband but also gave him a surprise which actually turned out to be a surprise for everyone else too. The husband was planning to enjoy the days and nights with his new wife until he had to face this surprise.

The man was busy with his new wife and he didn’t even contemplated what he could be facing. One fine day his first wife along with her brother took his car for a drive and decided that she will go for a long drive with her brother. She asked her brother to drive fast and drive aggressively and also break the traffic signals. They broke a number of traffic signals and breached the speed limit as well.

All of the breaching of the traffic laws were recorded in form of a video by the cameras installed by the Traffic Police authorities. The authorities also posted the video on YouTube. Her husband was charged with severe fines over the breaching of traffic laws by his car. It was a surprise to the husband, as he have to pay three hundred thousand Saudi Riyal now as a fine. If the husband will not pay the fine within due time he will be arrested.

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