Scientists Explored Hormones to Suppress Yearn for Sweets

SweetsWe have shared a study which says that weight loss can be a treatment for diabetes patients, and now scientists have explored hormones to suppress yearn for sweets. According to American scientists, they have explored a treatment for all those people who have addiction of eating sweets and sugary products. Scientists have claimed that they have conducted an experiment on mouse and during this, hormone has been discovered which helps to reduce desire of eating sweets. It has been found that the hormone will also helps to treat different diseases including diabetes, obesity and overeating. You can also read android mobile application for diabetes patients.

This hormone has been named “FGF 21”, which actually emerges in liver and when man eats any sweets or sugary item, this hormone sends signals to brain for eating less. This system ultimately reduces the desire to eat sweets. Acoording to the scientists, they have given injections of this hormone to some mice in the lab, while some mice were leaved without any injection. After this, sweets were presented to them and surprisingly injected mice eat around 7 times less sweets than un-injected mice.

Scientists have claimed that this hormone will be soon available in the markets and hoped that this would be a perfect treatment for diabetes patients.

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