Samsung Loses Global Smartphone Market Share

Things did not go well for samsung. Firm growth in the mobile market began a precipitous decline for several months. A trend that has worsened in the second quarter of this year. Strategy Analytics analysts are positive: according to their calculator, Xiaomi is the second quarter of this year fifth seller of smart phones largest in the world. In the space of one year from the Chinese manufacturer world market increased from 1.8% to 5.1% and also takes the place of LG, which is “only” 4.9% of sales of Smartphones in the world. According to estimates from Strategy Analytics, the Chinese have sold 15.1 million Smartphones in the second quarter of this year. A performance moreover only a handful of Asian walked.

The rest of the table is no surprise. With 74.5 million handsets sold in the second quarter of 2014, Samsung grants itself the top spot and 25.2% of global market share. As a reminder, the second quarter of last year, Samsung had 33% market share. Competition from Chinese manufacturers was fierce for the Korean, who was recently confirmed in its financial report. This is followed by Apple and its 35.2 million representing 11.9% of iPhone global market share and Huawei with 20.1 million phones and 6.8% of the global market. Lenovo, Xiaomi and LG are the last three largest sellers of Smartphones in the world.

One can easily understand this setback Samsung both markets since they bloom see local manufacturers who make products entirely acceptable in terms of quality, but above all with much more affordable prices. So you see why Samsung has decided to strengthen its low-cost models in these markets. This is the case for example of the Galaxy Star Advance, Galaxy Star Galaxy 2 or Core 2 that were recently announced. These are all entry-level Smartphone running Android Kit Kat.

While the Korean giant has just invited journalists to a press conference on September 3 during the IFA 2014 (Berlin), there is the shadow of a doubt that the Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled.

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