Weight Loss can be a Treatment for Diabetes Patients

DiabetesEarlier Android Application for Diabetes patients was discussed. Diabetes is generally considered as incurable disease and patients suffering from this disease needs to be careful all the time. But now the health experts have revealed that this disease can be cured easily through weight loss. In a recent research conducted by the experts of British University to know the reasons and remedy to cure diabetes, it has been found that weight loss can be a treatment for type 2 diabetes patients. Experts have revealed that millions of type 2 diabetes patients can get rid of their disease by just losing their weight.

According to the report, main reason of this disease is the addition of fat in the pancreas and if only 1 gram fat is reduced from it, patients can not only maintain their insulin level but also could eliminate this disease. It has been also stated in this report that diabetes may not only cause loss of vision, paralysis and kidney failure but also increases the risk of loss of organs. Experts have experienced on 18 diabetes patients from 25 to 65 years of age, and give them limited food for 2 months, after which patients have reduced approximately 14 kg weight.

Health experts have said that they need to experience this on around 200 more patients after which they would be able to reveal more facts in this regards.

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