Turn Your Smartphone Into Microscope With Unique Lens

Optical LensIn this modern era of science and technology, many impossible things have become possible with the new inventions. The new addition in the world of technology is an optical lens that can turn your smartphone into microscope. An optical lens is created by the researchers from University of Houston is capable of magnifying the images by a magnitude of 120 for just 3 cents per lens, equal to 3 Pakistani Rupees.

“The lens attaches directly to a smartphone camera lens without the use of any additional device. It makes it ideal for use with younger students in the classroom,” said by Wei Chuan Shih, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Optical lens can be directly attached to a smartphone camera lens, without the use of any additional attachments to make it ideal for use with younger students in the classroom. The device could also have clinical applications that can allow isolated or small clinics to share images with specialists located anywhere in the world.

The lens is made of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a polymer with the consistency of honey, dropped precisely on a preheated surface to cure. Lens curvature and therefore, magnification depends on how long and at what temperature the PDMS is heated, Wei Chuan Shih added.

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