Golgasht Police Tortures Chaudhry Tahir

Multan: Golgasht police physically tortured the secretary general of Cable Operators Association of Pakistan, Chaudhry Tahir Javed. Inspite of the court’s order, Chaudhry Javed was taken to the hospital after a delay of 6 hours. The police kept pressurizing the hospital staff to quickly discharge Chaudhry Javed after a quick treatment. On receiving news of the incident, the cable operators reached the hospital and visited their leader.

According to ECG reports, he was suffering from heartaches, after which he was shifted to the cardiology centre. He is currently under treatment in the ICU. [alert-success]Chaudhry Tahir was in police custody under a 3 day remand. But the severe torture of the police made him incapable of enduring any more torture and the family of Chaudhry Tahir appealed to the court for his release. The court ordered the police to send Chaudhry Tahir immediately to the hospital at 11AM. But the police admitted him to the hospital at 4:30PM.[/alert-success]

Cable Operators Association of Pakistan

The cable operators have protested against this act and have accused PEMRA and Geo TV for their involvement. They said that the torture of Chaudhry Tahir was meant to scare the cable operators so that they should submit to the unlawful steps of PEMRA. They also said that the Punjab government will be held responsible, if something happens to their leader.

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