Tips to Make your Body Muscle & Nerves Strong by Fruits

Islamabad: American researchers Christopher Adams and his colleagues have discovered in the publication of the scientific magazine Biological Chemistry that natural compounds found in fruits can prevent muscle loss. As we know that muscle weakness is a common problem which grows with age but scientist have discovered in a new study that older people can restore their lost muscle strength back just by eating apples and tomatoes.

Medical experts of the University of Lowa have found a mixture of apples and tomatoes can stop the activity of the protein which is responsible for aging. Researcher Christopher Adams said the muscles of elderly people can be saved from disability and extinction with the use of apple and tomatoes just for two months.

According to Adams, a researcher in the Department of Internal Medicine of University of Lowa chemical ursolic acid which found in apple peels and compounds tomatidine which found in tomatoes prevent muscle loss.

However researchers are aiming to continue their investigation in human medical examinations in this regard due to which new range of medicines for strengthening muscle is expected. So don’t ever forget to eat apple and tomato in your daily routine as they both are very useful fruits for your good health.

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