Enjoy the Historical Beauty of Emirgan Park with Its Tulip Festival

Emirgan-ParkEmirgan Park is known to be the largest public park of Istanbul, located in the Sariyer District of Istanbul the Urban Park lies on the European side of Bosphorus. The history of this piece of land dates back to the Byzantine era when it used to be a mere forest housing hundreds of thousands of Cypress Trees. The land was granted to a Lord Chancellor in the Ottoman era which was later gifted to other functionaries of the empire and at least was sold to a wealthy businessman after that it was officially converted into a park which is now under the administration of Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

Now the Park is present on 470,000 meter square housing beautiful ponds and 120 different species of Plants which also include some rare species of trees and flowers. The Jogging tracks are provide a good place to walk and Jog, the presence of picnic tables further provides ease to the visitors. The park is known to be very popular recreational spot.

The beauty of the place increases many fold in the season of Tulips. Each year in April an International level Tulip festival is organized in Emirgan the colorful flowers make everything so much more mesmerizing. The interesting fact is the Tulip has special association with this Park as separate gardens were established in the Park for Tulips during Ottoman era in its recognition.

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