Foreigners In Saudi Arabia Faced With A Weird Dilemma

saudi arabiaRiyadh: Foreigners settled in Saudi Arabia are finding it hard to cope up with the increasing prices and the increasing rents of their lodgings. The rate at which the rents are increasing is not the only matter bothering the foreigners settled in Saudi Arabia. The difference in the Islamic and the English Calender is also heightening their problems. According to reports, the salaries are released in Saudi Arabia according to the English Calender, but the rents are demanded by the house owner according to the Islamic calendars.

This may seem strange, but this custom of paying rent according to the Islamic Calender has been prevalent since ages. The months in an Islamic year are of maximum 30 days, while in an English Calender there are maximum 31 days in a month. This means that an English year has 11 days more than an Islamic Calender. The Islamic Calender ends 11 days before the English Calender.

This means that the house owners in Saudi Arabia are charging 11 days extra per year. If this rent is added up, it will gradually amount to months and then years. An Indian settled in Saudi Arabia complained that he had given an additional rent for more than a year. The foreigners have demanded that the government should look into the matter, that if the salaries are given according to the English Calender, then the rent should also be demanded according to the English Calender.

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