Top Three Beautiful Places for Enjoying in Overseas

Most of the people are very much interested to visit different places. Many likes to go on a tour and many are searching different places to go with their families. However the world is full of natural beauty and there are many places to visit for the tourists. There are uncountable places all around the world where one can go and enjoy their holidays. Natural beauty can be found in almost every country.

However here we are going to discus about the ten most beautiful places all over the world. The places where a person visit once and its then unforgettable. They have such an admirable beauty that can’t be expressed in words. We will here only discuss about their locations and will give some no how about them.

  1. Bali: Bali is the smallest province of Indonesia. It is an island which mainly covers a very few other small islands. At the south of the island is situated the capital of the 34th province of Indonesia named Denpasar. Bali is situated on the western end of Lesser Sunda Island; Lombok is at the east while Java is at the west. Mostly the Hindu majority of Indonesia resides here.
  2. Big Sur: Big Sur is a region situated in the central coast of California. It is a very lightly populated area. It is near the Santa Lucia Mountains. These Mountains were suddenly raised from the Pacific Ocean. Its name Big Sur is actually derived from Spanish language that means “the big South”.


  1. Piedmont: form the 20 districts of Italy it is one of the most beautiful district where a population of about 4.6 million people lives. It borders are connected with Aosta Valley, Liguria, Lombardy which are the other regions of Italy along with other borders connected to Switzerland and France.

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