Punishment For Eating Publicly During Ramazan In Saudi Arabia

ramazanJeddah: The Saudi government has warned people to abstain from eating or drinking in public during the Holy month of Ramazan in Saudi Arabia. Any person found guilty of this act will be punished with imprisonment and will be walloped.  According to the legal advisor Abdul Latif, the person guilty of eating should be punished in a different manner. According to his opinion, these people should be made to do social works, such as cleaning mosques and washing dead bodies.

This suggestion is still under consideration. The people coming from foreign countries are unaware of such laws and hence will be given a warning for the first time that they are found eating in public during the month of Ramazan. The labour ministry of Saudi Arabia has announced that the employees in the private sector will be made to work 6 hours instead of 8, during the month of Ramazan.

The astrological department of Saudi Arabia has announced that the Ramazan moon will not be seen on Friday, which means that the month of Ramazan will start on 29th June 2014. The scientist Malhum Hindi of the department of astronomy and atmospheric science in King Abdul Aziz University, stated that moon will disappear before the sun, which means that it will not be sighted. It will be seen on Saturday so that the 1st Ramazan will be on Sunday.

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