Rahmi M Koc Museum Istanbul – Open for public

Rahmi_Koc_MuseumThe Museum located on the Northern shore of Golden Horn in the Haskoy area is a private Industrial Museum which houses different things which are representation of the history of Transport, Communications and Industries in Turkey and from outside as well. Rahmi M Koc is one of the wealthiest Businessman of Turkey. He founded the museum in 1991 and the gates opened for the public in December 1994.

A major portion of the exhibited items are from Rahmi’s own private collection which he has placed in the museum. Whereas the remaining items which are exhibited have been donated by some of the organizations or either have been borrowed from them. A large variety of Road transport vehicles which include sports cars, convertible cars along with utility and commercial vehicles as well. Rail section also has amazing collection. The other extra ordinary collection is of Items pertaining to Marine. Communications section has some historic items exhibited which include the Thomas Edison’s telegraph model (patented in 1876). A phonograph from 1930 also is the part of collection. The Engineering section has different machineries from early 1900s.

The Museum also held a temporary exhibition which was held with the title of ‘Leonardo, The Universal Genius’. The exhibition was held at the end of 2006. The Museum is open for Public throughout the week with the exception of Monday.


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