Family Visit Visa Cannot Be Extended

Family VisaSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and its economy is totally dependable on oil reserves. Due to this fact, it attracts many workers from underdeveloped countries of the world to work in Saudi Arabia and earn large amount against their services. Many of them bring their families for few days with them on family visit visa. Previously the maximum validity of the visa issued initially for 3 months was 270 days. Family visit visa holders were able to extend their 90 days initially issued visa for further two times. But The Director General of Passport in Saudi Arabia, has recently announced that the family visit visa cannot be extended in any case after 180 days or 6 months.

From last two months, the online extension of family visit visa was temporarily closed due to ongoing discussions between the officials on this issue. However, the manual services for family visit visa were ongoing at the Jawazat offices and they were issuing extension for maximum 270 days, counted from initial granted visa.

After this loud announcement from the passport officials, now it has been clear that the maximum stay on family visit visa in Saudi Arabia is 180 days. But in any emergency and other critical problems, people should try their luck by visiting Jawazat offices for more extension.

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