Don’t Miss The Tulip Festival in Historical & Urban Gulhane Park

Gulhane-Park_TulipsEvery year the month of April brings the beautiful Tulips into life, the mesmerizing beauty of Tulips can be felt across Istanbul. The Gulhane Park is one of the parks which hosts more than 1 million tulips during the tulip festival each year. Gulhane Park is actually a historical park located in the urban vicinity of Istanbul. The park is present in the feet of the Topkapi Palace.

Gulhane actually means ‘Rose House’ so in essence the name of park is ‘Rosehouse Park’. Present in the Emimomu District of Istanbul it is one of the perfect places to get away from the busy city life and relax while enjoying the beauty of nature. Present adjacent to the Topkapi palace, anyone entering from the southern gate of the park can have a look at one of the largest gates of the Palace. The Gulhane Park is known to be one of the oldest parks and it is also known for its far- reaching area. Do not forget to keep you camera with you when you visit the park.

Although the park earlier had a zoo of its own and space for fun fair, coffee houses and picnic grounds but all such amenities were removed in the latest renovation making the park more spacious.

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