Proposal Tours to a Historical Site of Mount Nemrut

Mount NemrutA historic site for tourists located on eastern Taurus mountain range and also the 8th wonder of the world is the most magnificent monument of Turkey. It is located on Arsameia antique road. The height of the Nemrut Mountain is 2314 meters high. It was assumed to be a royal tomb since 1st century BC. The site was dug out by Karl Sester in 1991 who was a German engineer.

Mount Nemrut was labeled has World Heritage Site in 1987 by UNWSCO. The trip to Turkey will be incomplete without visiting Nemrut for the visitors. The statue of Greek and Persian gods are present there that were originally made in 62 BC under supervision of Commagene King Antiochus whose temple is also present there.

The best time to visit Nemrut during year is from April till October. The sunset can also be enjoyed at this site. Many trips on cars and busses are carried to its nearby town called Adiyaman. The visitors can also travel through helicopter from this nearby town Adiyaman. Many tourists stay overnight at Mount Nemrut traveling from Malatya and Kahta. Unforgettable memories, ravishing landscapes, rich culture and traditions are waiting for tourists at Nemrut.

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