Faiz Ahmad Faiz Passenger Train Schedule & Daily timings

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express TrainFaiz Ahmad Faiz passenger train runs between Lahore and Narowal. The inauguration of the train was done by the daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz at Lahore railway Station. Siblings and grandchildren of the late poet were also present at the inauguration ceremony. More than 1600 passengers used to travel by Faiz Ahmad Faiz train daily. The name of the train is kept after the late poet to him the tribute. The train will cover the distance from Lahore to Narowal in approximately two hours and ten minutes. It is the local train that is running continuously. The train has seven coaches and one brake van. Economy accommodation is offered to the passengers.

Lahore Junction to Narowal Junction

Faiz Ahmad Faiz passenger train 209 Up departs daily from Lahore Junction for Narowal Junction via Badami Bagh and for seven minutes, Shahdara Bagh Junction, Kala Khatai, Narang, Mehta Suja, Baddomalhi, Raya Khas, Pejowali and reaches Narowal Junction at 20:45. Gurdwara Baba Guru Nanak is the famous temple located near bank of River Ravi in Narowal which attracts tourists towards itself. The temple was renovated by the government in 1995. Besides Gurdwara Baba Guru Nanak there are many other famous and significant places for example, Bara Pind, Narowal Public library, Sughra Shafi Hospital and many others.

Narowal Junction to Lahore Junction

Faiz Ahmad Faiz passenger train 210 down departs daily from Narowal Junction at 05:00 and reaches Lahore Junction at 07:05 in the morning via Pejowali, Baddomalhi, Narang, Shahdara Bagh Junction and Badami Bagh.

Ticket prices and fare charges are not the same for kids and adults. Moreover these charges can vary with time so we have not indicated the prices here. It is better to contact train management in order to get correct pricing.

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