Blue Sultan Ahmed Mosque Historical Facts for Tourists

Sultan Ahmed MosquePlanning to visit Turkey? You must be going to Istanbul then for sure. Istanbul hosts number of historic places of cultural Importance. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is among the many tourist attractions of Turkey. The mosque is famously known as the Blue mosque the reason which stands behind this is the use of blue colored tiles in the interior of the mosque. The mosque was built in the reign of Sultan Ahmed 1 the ottoman era ruler.

The mosque features six minarets, one main dome along with eight smaller domes. The mosque which was completed in 1616 has some elements from the Byzantine era (which although were from Christian faith) along with the Islamic architecture which is the traditional architecture. The beautiful view from outside of the mosque doubles the splendor when one enters inside the mosque which has thousands of ceramic tiles on the wall which are known to be handmade. The mosque has about 200 windows which had stained glass installed to let in sun light. Although Chandeliers are also present now. Quranic verses are beautifully Cali graphed inside the mosque for decoration.

The Mihrab inside the mosque is built with marble which is very finely carved and sculptured. The pulpit besides the Mihrab is also richly decorated. The lamps present inside the mosque are decorated with gems and gold. Prayers are carried out even now a days in the mosque.

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