Rawalpindi Passenger Train Schedule & Daily timings

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Rawalpindi Passenger Train is a long lasting and continuous train service offered by Pakistan railways. The train carries passengers between Mari Indus and Rawalpindi. As par stations name it starts journey from station named Rawalpindi 267 up and the name of other station is Havelian named 268 down. The schedule of train and stations which are provided here, are latest with respect to the data available. This train is a successful venture of Pakistan railways from start.

Train Timings and Stations from Rawalpindi to Havelian:

From Rawalpindi to Taxila Cant:

The train starts its journey from Rawalpindi at 7:30. From here it continues and reaches Golra Sharif Junction at 7:47 then it reaches Taxila Cant at 08:10.

From Taxila Cant to Haripur Hazara:

Train departs Taxila Cant at 08:12, reaches Usman Khattar at 8:27, then Kot Najib Ullah at 9:00, then Haripur Hazara at 09 20.

From Haripur Hazara to Havelian:

Train moves forward from Haripur Hazara at 9:25 and reaches Serai Saleh at 9:39, from here it reaches Baldher at 10:03 then Havelian at 10:20. This is the final destination where the train stops and delivers the passengers.

Train Timings and Stations from Havelian to Rawalpindi:

Train timings from Havelian to Rawalpindi are in reverse order to the stations mentioned above. It starts at 16:45 and head forwards to station in reverse order.

Note: All fares and prices of ticket are subjected to change and that is why they aren’t included. Contact the concerned department for fares and prices of your ticket.

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