Procedure for HEC Attestation on Certificates in Pakistan

There is a rule of attesting the degrees of every individual who has passed and gained a degree from a recognized university, college or any other university. The degree attestation process in Pakistan also has several few steps.

As we all know that it is very much important to attest get a degree attested for an individual who has passed out and had got a degree of any program except the degrees of Metric and intermediate education. The degree attestation process is only for those students who have got a degree in bachelors or above programs. The reason for the importance of this attestation is to make sure that the degree any of the students contains is a legal degree given by a registered organization.

It also helps the person to easily get any job or scholarship in the country or abroad. As every industry or every foreign university has a rule that the applicant should contain a degree that is attested by the higher education commission of that country.

So in order to fulfill the requirements and also for the easiness of students the higher education commission of Pakistan also has a policy of degree attestation and is are certain steps through which the student would have to go through for the completion for the process. Following are the step or rules on which degree of any student would be attested:

  • The degree of the student should be honored by a university that is recognized by HEC.
  • The name of the student should be same in all of his documents like in Metric, inter, NIC card etc. there should be no change in his name or his father’s name.
  • Date of birth in CNIC and the degree must be same.

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