The Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul Also Known as Kiz Kulesi

Maiden's towerThe Maiden’s Tower is known to be built in the Byzantine era which used to serve as a light tower. The tower is located on a an islet which is in fact in the way of the southern entrance of Bosphorus, the islet itself is at a small distance from the Uskudar coast line of Istanbul. Previously the tower was named Damalis, this name was given to the tower because it was the name of the wife of the King of Athens who was buried at the shore. Later on the It also had the name Leandros. Although in the Byzantine era it was known as Arcla which in essence means little castle.

The Tower had originally been used as defense tower, it also had a defense wall which connected it with the coast line over the time it completely submerged in the sea. Now only the remains can be found that too submerged in the sea. Contrary to it the tower also was utilized for the purpose of tax collection from the merchants coming on shore. The tower also served as a lighthouse for a certain period.

Over the recent past the tower was completely renovated and declared as a public place for providing them with another recreational spot. The tower now hosts a restaurant along with a café present at the top of the tower. The Tower can be accessed by boat.

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